An Overview of Solar Power

sol2188dThe combination of the rising cost of energy and the falling costs of solar energy components has helped to fuel recent growth in the solar energy market. From businesses to residential homes, solar power is increasing in popularity across the country. Solar energy systems can be used to completely power or provide supplementary power to virtually any home, business or structure that has exposure to natural sunlight.

Solar energy is a renewable resource that allows people the ability to have guilt-free energy that is also low cost. In fact, in many areas it is possible to sell excess energy to the local electric company. When a home is wired into the electric grid, the home can send power into the system from the solar panels at the home. Staying connected to the power grid also eliminates the need for batteries to store power at home. Eliminating batteries from a system will also help to significantly reduce the cost of installing a solar system.

While there are costs to setup the solar energy hardware, there are very few maintenance costs after the installation. Solar panels and other components typically provide decades of reliable energy production. In fact, many full-service installers provide free repairs in the rare event that there is a problem. In the event of damage from a severe storm or other event, most home insurance policies cover solar panels and related components. Building owners who install a solar system should consult with their insurance agent to make certain that the system is properly insured.

As the solar energy market has grown, the products available on the market have become more customer friendly as they are easier to work with and to install. Various manufacturers provide solar components for both the professional installer as well as for the do-it-yourselfer. Companies such as Solar City provide full service packages that include consulation, installation and monitoring services to customers. Many providers of installation services provide low-cost financing options to help people to get started in solar energy. As a general guideline, solar systems are expected to pay for themselves in two to four years due to energy bill saves.

As people and governments work to reduce pollution, it is expected that the cost of energy from traditional sources will continue to rise. With each increase in the cost of electricity from coal, gas and other similar sources, solar energy becomes a more attractive option. Anyone who owns a home, business or other building that uses electricity should carefully consider the financial savings that solar power can offer.

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