Scorpions Cannot Hide From JClaw Tek’s New Scorpio UV Flashlight

JClaw Tek president, Jonathan Barraclough, announced that his firm has undergone a name change from Power Tek to JClaw Tek. The company has also renamed its best-selling UV flashlight to Scorpio to reflect the single most popular use of the product – finding scorpions. The firm is a leading provider of personal lighting products with the brightest LED lights available.

“We provide the best quality, most innovative LED lighting products on the market,” said Barraclough. “All of our products now reflect the new business name and continue to feature the same excellent quality our customers have come to expect.”

JClaw Tek’s popular Scorpio flashlight features a 30 percent brighter beam than similar products. The light is unique in that it emits UV light that’s so bright no other traditional type of flashlight is required. Often referred to as a magic wand by consumers, it has an extensive array of useful and entertaining attributes not available in a traditional flashlight.

The Scorpio light is best known for its use as an efficient means of detecting scorpions, but it’s an effective tool for forensic investigations and aids in identifying counterfeit currency. The UV light enables individuals to detect bed bugs, locate pet urine stains on carpets, and reveal rodent contamination. The Scorpio UV light detects leaks using UV dyes and can be used to hunt for valuable minerals.

The company’s newest innovation is its Fire Talon Multitool, combining precision Swiss construction with built-in LED lighting technology. It contains a knife blade, wire strippers, can opener, spring-loaded pliers, Phillips and flathead screwdriver, along with JClaw Tek’s unique LED lighting and sure grip handle. It provides a single, compact solution for emergency kits, cars and motorcycles, boats, campers and homes.

JClaw Tek’s hands-free Flash LED headlamp is a favorite of those who enjoy cave exploration and outdoor pursuits ranging from camping, hiking and canoeing to running, walking and biking. It provides light for making home repairs in dark areas and offers a safety option for walking pets in dimly lit venues. It contains three lighting levels, SOS for emergencies and comes with a free survival eBook.

JClaw Tek’s renaming of its Scorpio flashlight reflects its most popular usage and all the firm’s products are ruggedly built and designed for shock and water resistance. The company’s line of personal LED lighting products is setting industry standards, providing convenient lighting options for safety under multiple conditions.

For more information, Barraclough can be reached via email at or by visiting JClaw Tek online.

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