Using Sparknode for your Business

Cloud storage is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for businesses to store information. It is more efficient, cheaper, and easier than maintaining a complex on-site network storage system. Basically, cloud storage is a collection of third-party servers that store your information in large virtual pools. These pools are carefully monitored to give you a safe and secure storage system.

SparkNode is a cloud storage system that offers a wide variety of benefits to you and your company. Their first advantage is server size. SparkNode has a system of infinitely scalable servers. Infinitely scalable servers are servers that can expand indefinitely based on information demand. This gives you access to essentially limitless storage space. A physical storage system is always limited by the amount of memory cards installed. It is impossible to get limitless storage room without cloud storage.

Cloud storage companies are also incredibly secure with your information. They build complex fail-safe, server systems. This means that all your information is backed up on dozens of different servers, one of which is guaranteed to always be active. This redundancy is built into the system and is available at no extra cost. Building a similar on-site redundancy system would cost thousands of dollars. Cloud storage systems are also self-monitored and self healing. This means they will automatically detect any problems and fix them before they become serious.

Cloud storage companies charge a fraction of the price of installing storage systems. They offer variable pricing storage models, that are designed to meet a variety of storage needs. Prices are directly proportional to your storage needs. However, larger clients can often get discounted storage prices, that are designed to save you hundreds of dollars.

All virtual storage systems are built from easy to understand, pre-configured templates. These templates are designed to make it easy to control and monitor your cloud storage system. Each cloud storage template is designed to be compatible with a variety of operating systems, from various windows models to Linux, Unix, and even Macs. Since cloud storage is virtually operated and maintained, system compatibility is rarely, if ever, an issue. Try getting that kind of adaptability with a physical storage system.

There is simply no more adaptable storage method on the market. You don’t have to install any new computers, networks, or storage systems to use cloud storage. Instead, they can be easily adapted and adjusted to your current business network and business storage needs.

And that kind of adaptability is what makes SparkNode such a powerful resource for your company. They can give you the kind of high-quality, high-volume storage your company needs, but at a fraction of the cost involved in buying a new system.


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